Weekends are always fun at Pinhead Susan's!  Every Wednesday night at 8pm we have Big Crunch Bingo! Every Thursday night from 8pm to 10pm we have trivia night, with our host JD and we have bands occasonally on Friday nights from 9pm to 1am. Check here for our list of events. 

Big Crunch Bingo

8 pm
 Thursday Nights
 Team Trivia
8 pm 
 Happy Hour
1/12/18 Harmonic Duo 8:30pm
1/18/18 Jenna 8:00pm
1/19/18 Lucia & Levi Band 9:00pm
 1/27/18 Soup Stroll 11:00 am
 1/28/18 Wide Awake 9:00pm